7 CPD Points (ONLINE) – Workplace Mental Health and Problem Solving Combo Pack



RTO #: 51926

CPD Approval Number: FENTON 70, 72

CPD Points: 7

Delivery mode: ONLINE

The Workplace Mental Health and Problem-Solving Combo Pack combine the following two Elective CPD topics:

Managing Workplace Stress and Mental Health – FENTON 72 (3.5 CPD)

The Covid 19 era, long working hours, expectations to maintain high levels of availability across a 7-day week, and dealing with clients who are often in distressing situations themselves are just a few of the factors that can take a toll on the psychological health and safety of those working in the real estate industry.  It's no surprise that these factors can very easily facilitate a working environment where people feel overwhelmed and stressed.   The psychosocial safety of employees impacts all aspects of the business environment including productivity, consumer protection, and service delivery.

Post-pandemic research has highlighted the fact that there is a mental health epidemic currently occurring in Australia affecting much of the Australian workforce.  Aside from the well-documented health risks associated with long-term psychological distress – at a basic level, it can impair decision making which can negatively impact all interactions with clients, colleagues, and the wider public.  The ability to manage workplace stress with positive coping mechanisms that create a good work/ life balance is critical to positive mental health.

Tailored to the real estate industry, this online course is designed to provide participants with the knowledge required to better understand factors in the workplace that may trigger stress and impact their own mental health and that of colleagues and associates.  Evidence-based with references to current resources from Australia's leading mental health support networks,  participants will develop skills in recognising and managing the risks associated with psychosocial health in the workplace.


Solving Problems in the Workplace - FENTON 70 (3.5 CPD)

We encounter problems and make decisions every day. Some problems are simple and the solution is readily apparent, while other problems are more complex and we must weigh multiple potential solutions as we make our decision. In this course, participants will learn a three-phase problem-solving process that can be applied to any situation. Participants will learn how to apply a range of techniques to define problems, identify root causes and identify and analyse potential solutions.  Participants will also learn techniques for creative thinking, how to make good group decisions, and ways to follow up on and evaluate decisions.


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